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Work at Home While You Homeschool: 5 Legitimate Work at Home Jobs!

You see those spammy ads about working at home all the time, I’m sure. The ones that promise work at home jobs – easy work for big money. So you wonder, are there truly companies out there that will hire you to work at home?

I am here to tell you that there are!

Are you ready?

Here are five companies that you can apply to today for work at home jobs:

– The Chat Shop (customer support):

– TranscribeMe! (transcription):

– Leapforce (Search Engine Evaluation):

– Wonder (research):

– Proofreading Services (proofreading):

If you have more legitimate work from home jobs to suggest, let me know in the comments below!

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Speaking of Working Moms…Free Online Retreat Jan 20-22

What timing!  I no sooner post about being a WAHM and homeschooling, and in my inbox drops a free invitation to Working Moms 911 Telesummit Retreat!

We all need a dose of encouragement and refreshment!  So, I invite you to attend with me JANUARY 20-22. You can listen right from your computer.  We will listen to Susan’s conversations with 9 experts, and in the last session Susan shares “Hope for the Journey”.

Register now at:

You will discover how to:
– Save a ton of money with Super Couponing
– Stop screaming at your kids
– How to apply Biblical principles to your work and business life
– Restore calm in your family
– Help your teens start their own business
– Overcome emotional eating
– Reclaim your households through Kamikaze Cleaning
– Use SMARTcut® systems to simplify your life

Love, Luck &

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On Homeschooling and Being a WAHM

In addition to caring for my children, ferrying them around to various activities, household chores, homeschooling, reviewing for the TOS Crew and volunteering, I am also a Work-at-home Mom.� Many potential homeschoolers wonder if homeschooling is compatible with working – whether inside or outside the home – and I am here to tell you that many of us do both.� It’s not always easy juggling everything, but it is possible 🙂

I have been a WAHM since my children were born, often juggling more than one at-home job.� I� have been teaching music lessons in my home since the beginning, and at one point was a Tupperware consultant as well.� At present, I teach music in my home studio (the Music For Young Children program and private lessons), am an Educational Specialist for Usborne Books, and sell my own handspun yarn as well.� So for me, being a WAHM and homeschooling was a gradual process.

Yes, sometimes the housework does suffer, LOL, and I’m constantly battling clutter!� But in general, how do I get it all done?� With the help of my family.� My children have daily chores.� They also help me weekly with our FlyLady Home Blessing – we put all the things to be done on papers and pull them out of a jar, then go our separate ways and complete the job with the timer going for 10 minutes.� My 7 year old actually gets excited on Friday mornings when it’s time to do our weekly Home Blessing :)� My hubby also pitches in whenever he can and I really appreciate that.� He is also very supportive of me and my business pursuits, which is vitally important!

Something else that helps immensely is Sue Patrick’s Workbox System.� We have been using the Workbox System for about two years now.� It helps organize our homeschool work, encourages the children to do a lot independently and together (leaving more time for Mom to do work of any kind), and they get more done in less time.

One last tool that I find handy is my iPod Touch.� It’s not only a great tool for teaching, both music and homeschool, but it helps me organize almost everything.� I have an app for business contacts (ISAcontact), a grocery shopping app (ShopListFree), a gift list app (GiftBox), an app for my FlyLady and to-do lists (Tasks), among others.� I also like using the Calendar, which I can set to give me an alarm before an appointment or deadline.� Lastly, I like that wherever I go, I have the “Notes” which I can type notes on instead of writing on many little pieces of paper or post-it-notes!

I enjoy all my work.� I am so blessed that my family is such a big help.� My children enjoy giving suggestions for my music lessons, since they are also my students, and they love helping me with my small businesses, which in turn teaches them about running a business.

Love, Luck &