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Spelling Fun in Your Homeschool

During week 3 of our new normal amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m bringing you 5 days of fun schooling ideas for your home. Most of the ideas can be enjoyed now, but a few you can look forward to once things return to normal.

Spelling doesn’t have to be boring or tedious. Spelling can be fun! Toss those work sheets and spelling tests aside and give some of these resources a try for spelling fun in your homeschool. Spelling is important. Because spell check doesn’t catch everything!


SpellQuizzer is great for any age, especially if your child loves to type and hates to print or write. Drill spelling words on the computer by recording the words (and a sample sentence or definition for your child), OR let your spouse or a special guest do the recording for even more fun. My daughter used to adore being a special guest for her big brother’s spelling words. You can also use it to drill vocabulary words, foreign language words, and more! Learn more, check out our SpellQuizzer review and get your free 30-day trial here.

The Homophone Machine

Homophones (words that sound the same but are spelled differently) are fun to learn about and they’re even more fun with the free online homophone lesson. Check out the free homophone machine at the bottom of the page! Your elementary age child will enjoy typing in words and phrases and seeing all the homophones appear. Try all the wonderful ideas and games suggested on the page for even more spelling fun.

Board Games for Spelling Fun

Board games play a big part in our everyday homeschool. Of course, Scrabble can be a great help to practise spelling. But there are many more games for spelling fun, such as Pick Two (which I adore) or Boggle. What’s your favourite?

Rummy Roots for Spelling Fun

Card games can add fun to your homeschool day, too! We’ve owned and used the Rummy Roots card game for many years. It is recommended in The Well-Trained Mind. We find it a terrific help for spelling words with Latin roots, studying Latin, and expanding vocabulary.

At first, when our kids were younger, we used it as a matching card game – simply matching Latin/Greek roots to their English definitions. Then we began playing the game properly – making compound words out of the various Latin and Greek roots, at first with two roots, and then with two or more. Recommended for ages eight to adult, I find anyone who reads well can play it.

Spelling Bees and Spelling Bee Resources

I wish I could have participated in more spelling bees when I was a child – I only had the chance to enjoy one spelling bee in my Grade 4 classroom. My son enjoyed competing in spelling bees when he was elementary school age, although I don’t think he ever quite enjoyed spelling as much as I did.

Spelling bees aren’t as proliferous as they once were, but they are still around. Check out your nearest spelling bee and use their resources to study! Start studying now and consider entering the Spelling Bee of Canada in future. Even if your child doesn’t want to compete in a spelling bee, you can join the Scripps Spelling Bee Word Club for free spelling bee materials!

To practise, let the child who just can’t stop moving jump rope, bounce on an exercise ball, or jump on a mini trampoline for some extra fun while they spell. The spelling words will even stick in their brain better with the exercise!

Learning to Spell for Little Ones

There are many enjoyable resources available for your little ones who are learning to read and spell. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading. Spelling rules are so easy to remember when sung to the well-known tunes included in the program as “Rule Tunes.” And there are many more spelling games, including Bingo.

And check out the JingleSpells spelling songs CD by Talking Fingers. It includes 20 incredibly well done tunes. They’re catchy and fun to sing along with, including everything from country to rock.

Are you making spelling fun in your homeschool? What resource makes it fun for you? Please let me know in the comments below!

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Please note: This article was originally published in April 2017 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.
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The Homeschool Buyers Co-op – Don’t Miss This Month’s Specials!

The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a free homeschooling organization for all homeschoolers! Co-op membership is free and allows homeschooling families access to discounts from over a hundred educational suppliers. They also sponsor “GroupBuys” for curriculum packages that save homeschooling families money. On the site you’ll find free information, such as databases of free curriculum, field trips, and educational contests and scholarships. I highly recommend this – we have participated in a number of Group Buys, both digital and physical, from Lego to art, and we haven’t been disappointed! Click here for more information.  Don’t miss this month’s specials – focusing on Language Arts!

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The Write Foundation – Part 2 – Review

Since writing my Review of The Write Foundation’s Essay Writing Curriculum – Part 1 (Lessons 1-15), I have received Part 2 (Lessons 16-30) of the curriculum to use and review.  Many upgrades and revisions have been made to the curriculum overall, based on reviewers’ input.

Assignments continue to include essays and poetry.  Essay topics include National parks and the Bible, and timed essays are included.  Mind Benders are recommended as a warm-up each lesson (we love Mind Benders in our homeschool).  Games have been adapted for use with as few as one student (when before they were explained for use in a co-op setting).  There is now a Daily Schedule mapped out for using a Lesson per week, and for a Lesson over two weeks.  I love how easy it is to adapt this curriculum to fit into our schedule, and in fact The Write Foundation won a Blue Ribbon from TOS for Most Adaptable Resource for the 2010-2011 year.  I like this program’s stance on Wikipedia “Wikipedia may be used for general brainstorming but never a quote” because I wholeheartedly agree!

My son hasn’t worked through the entire curriculum yet, as we’ve been working leisurely through it, and we will continue to enjoy using it this homeschool year 🙂  I highly recommend checking out this curriculum for your children age 11-18.  There are three levels to choose from: Sentence to Paragraph Writing, Paragraph Writing, and Essay Writing.

As mentioned in my The Write Foundation Review – Update post, the curriculum now only costs $70 US for the entire package – Lessons 1-30.  Shipping is available to the U.S. and Canada (shipping to Canada costs $20).  International orders only may choose an e-book version, for $70 and no shipping costs.  All three levels (sentence, paragraph, essay) are also available as a package for only $180 US.  Order directly through The Write Foundation’s website.

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Time4Learning Special – $4.99 is offering special December trial pricing, only $4.99 for your first month!  Time4Learning is a student-centered online curriculum that combines 1000+ animated lessons, printable worksheets and graded activities to teach standards-based math and language arts. Science, social studies and art are also provided as a bonus for most grades.

If you would like to read my past review on Time4Learning, click HERE.

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The Write Foundation Review – Update

This past month I wrote a review on The Write Foundation.  I am very pleased to share that because of mine and my other TOS Homeschool Crewers reviews, The Write Foundation has made some terrific changes!

  • Wording in the Instruction Manuals is being changed to apply not so much only to a co-op setting, but private homeschool families as well
  • The Introduction has been updated to make it easier to understand how to teach TWF
  • The Instruction Manual paper is being upgraded
  • The Shipping Packaging is being upgraded
  • The Additional Resources that were once available on CD are now instead a free download with your purchase.  As a result, **Prices have been dropped!!** That’s right, instead of $100, each level of TWF is only $69.95 US!  WOW!

Love, Luck &