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Get Homeschool Records and Transcript Help!

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Get Your Homeschool Records Done!

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar is having a very special party in just a few days! Don’t miss the Bunny Slippers Transcript & Course Description Pajama Party on April 8th! It is an all evening event that will allow you to get your high school homeschool records in order. Get those dreaded homeschool transcripts and course descriptions finished in JUST ONE EVENING!

Mark your calendar now! Lee will be sharing the secrets to creating comprehensive homeschool records that will open doors to college or university admission and big scholarships! Your purchase of the Comprehensive Record Solution will unlock the door to an amazing evening of expert training that will put the burden of creating transcripts and course descriptions in your rear view mirror!

Wondering how this works? Here is the schedule for the day!

5:00-6:30pm Atlantic (4-5:30pm ET): FREE LIVE Webinar, “Emergency Course Description Help”

When you purchase the Comprehensive Record Solution during the webinar, you will also receive the following FREE BONUSES:
* The Total Transcript Solution
* ALL Lee’s A la Carte Classes (a $300 value)
* $20 OFF the purchase price of the book, Setting the Records Straight
* PLUS access to The ‘One Hour Transcript’ Workshop webinar!

9:00-10:30pm Atlantic (8-9:30pm Eastern): LIVE Webinar, “The ‘One Hour Transcript’ Workshop” (for purchasers only)

Lee will give you tips and tricks to help you complete your transcript!

Can’t spend the whole evening with Lee? Don’t worry! You can still participate! You can hold your own party! Simply purchase The HomeScholar’s Comprehensive Record Solution on April 8th, using the special link below and you will automatically receive all the recorded webinars and resources provided for the live event. You’ll be able to do this on your OWN time, ANY TIME YOU WANT! Choose a day that is convenient for you, and simply hit the “PLAY” button on each recording!

Here is the link to use for your purchase on April 8th:

Grab your bunny slippers and reserve your seat now! Space is limited! You can register here:

Remember, the first event is FREE from 5:00-6:30pm. Register Now!

Hope to “see” you there!

Love, Luck &


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My Home School Grades – Review


My Home School Grades is a new web-based program created by homeschooler John Echols, along with a homeschool graduate. If you’re preparing to homeschool high school, approaching the end of high school, or even if you’re just starting out on your homeschooling journey, this is a fantastic program to keep records and design a quick and easy transcript. It is so easy to use!

My Home School Grades works on all computers & devices – it’s not platform specific. I have used it on my iPhone, iPad, PC, and a laptop. It is easy to record things on the go so you don’t forget. There is no need for a user manual, four how-to videos a few minutes each illustrate how to use the program.

Add students, classes, and activities, and you will ultimately have a great looking transcript. First add your student:
These little chalk drawings are the default images – you can easily replace them with your own children’s photos under Student settings. As you can see, it calculates the student’s GPA and displays it on the student profile, as well as on the transcript.
After you’ve added a student, add classes and lessons:
You are able to choose a published program from a drop down list that appears when you add a class – all lessons & tests appear for you – just go in and add the grade. However, not all published programs are added yet, as this is an ongoing process. You can also add your own curriculum, and use whatever lesson plan you want, or go in and remove the pre-added lessons from a published program. It is fully customizable – if you are taking a dual enrollment class or a class above or below grade level, it can be added and included on the transcript. For grading, you can choose number grades, letter grades, or even use the fraction, i.e. 23/27 correct and My Home School Grades will calculate the grade for you.
You can also add activities, for the second page of your child’s transcript.

 Choose activities from the drop-down menu, or add your own.

Everything is automatically inputted into a transcript format. You have the option to have the transcript only show high school classes, or only classes from Gr. 10 and up for instance, just click on “hide classes before” and then it calculates the GPA for only those years.Transcripts display your address. At present, it is not possible to enter Canadian provinces or postal codes. However, I was able to put my province and postal code in the City box, and it ends up printing on the transcript beautifully. For recreating prior years, just input grade, class, and end grade, and you have your record to build on from there.
Keep an eye on the My Home School Grades blog for ongoing new improvements. They will be adding reports required by state in future. In the next year, they are even planning the ability to allow access to your own online transcript for university admissions (likely for an extra charge).  You can also check out My Home School Grades on Facebook and on Twitter.
Sign up for a FREE 14-day trial, no credit card required! A lifetime subscription, which includes regular updates and access on all computers and devices is $49.99!
Love, Luck &
**I received a subscription to My Home School Grades as part of the Mosaic Reviews Team in exchange for an honest review. All opiniions are my own.**