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Back to School: Giving as a Family #cbias #shop

My daughter checking out Back to School deals #shopimage

It’s August already! Can you believe it? We’ve been so busy, mostly with summer theatre, that I haven’t had much time to start thinking about our new homeschool year, starting next month. Sometimes we hold a “Not-Back-to-School Pool Party” at our home on the same day the public schooled children start school. Other years we have all gone out for lunch together on the first day of school, and discussed what we all want to accomplish throughout this homeschool year. I think that’s what we’ll be planning this year, since most of the homeschool families who live nearby seem to have moved away. I’m sure we will also spend some time in our swimming pool if it’s a nice day. We will take a “first day of school” photo as well, as we do every year.

We thought a trip to Wal-mart to check out their “Back-to-School Sale” would be a good start at getting our school year organized.

Fantastic deal on notebooks #shop

You can’t beat this deal on spiral notebooks – just 10 cents each! My son wanted a few, including one for a science project he’s working on with a friend.

And we can never have enough paper in our homeschool. $3.00 is a great deal!

Great deal on paper #shop

I even found a really cool Rubbermaid sandwich set that fits perfectly, ice-pack included, into a lunchbag! My husband’s going to sport these in his lunchbag when he heads back to work after the long weekend.

Cool rubbermaid lunchbag kit #shop

While we were at it, we decided to give as a family, and collect school supplies. We love to do volunteer work as a family, and we have enjoyed volunteering at our church, as well as for the SPCA and the Meals on Wheels program. We chose the Every Woman’s Centre to give our collected school supplies to – they collect school supplies every year. We have knitted clothing items in the past to donate to the Centre during the winter. My children both loved helping pick out supplies on our shopping trip that other children may need.

My daughter organizing supplies for charity

I think my daughter’s favourite part of the whole shopping trip was organizing all the school supplies for charity afterward! We ended up collecting a nice assortment of notebooks, pencils, pencil cases, and Elmer’s Glue. You can check out the story of our whole shopping trip on Google+.

Will you be giving school supplies to your local organization? If you’re in the Sydney area, consider calling the Every Woman’s Centre at 567-1212 to donate. What are your favourite ways to celebrate “back-to-homeschool”?

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Summer Reading! #cbias #shop


Do you take a break from formal homeschooling over the summer? We always do, but my two children, ages 9 and 14, are far from bored! They take part in summer camps and classes, as well as community theatre all summer long. There is still time for the pool and the beach (with our student from France in tow), but I also like to see them just kick back and read for pleasure, like I did when I was a kid!

Reading collage

Going to the local library is a great rainy day outing, or even in the middle of a hot day when you want to keep out of the burning sun. My children will often find great books on the shelves, and there’s always something going on at the library. In addition to various events, we usually get involved with our local library’s summer reading program. This year it’s the Go! TD Summer Reading Club being offered across Canada. Children can even earn prizes, simply by reading.

And don’t forget the Homeschool Buyers Co-op Summer Fun Reading Program. All you have to do is log your child’s daily reading activity and they could win weekly prizes AND a chance to win an iPad! It’s open worldwide, so everyone can join!

We also love going to Chapters! My children would sit for hours and peruse books at the book store if I let them. My 9 year old daughter usually plops down right on the floor with whatever she’s found to start reading then and there.

Chapters photo

They love when I give them each some money to spend on books for summer reading. And did you know that Chapters stores have summer activities, too? From book signings to free summer camp activities, check it out!

Pre-teen summer reading picks

 Teen summer reading picks

 Indigo Kids

It’s always fun for the kids to find some good reads on your shopping trip.  You can check out the photo story of our Chapters shopping trip on Google+.

What learning activities or reading programs do you like to engage in over the summer?

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