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Aleks Online Math – Review


ALEKS stands for Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces. It is an online math program (PC and MAC compatible) for Gr. 3 to PreCalculus level, that provides individualized learning and assessment. Through these assessments, ALEKS determines what a student already knows and is ready to learn within a course.  We received ALEKS in exchange for an honest review and have been using it in our homeschool for the past 5 weeks.

You the Teacher/Parent are given a Master Account to monitor and direct your students’ progress.

Master account homepage:

With this account, you can view a detailed progress report on the course and their QuickTables, an attendance report (to check that they’ve been doing that work daily and how long it takes them), and you can create a quiz if you wish, in between assessments.

Each student receives their own account.  Upon beginning a course, the student receives an initial assessment, and then regular assessments are given to see how they’re doing throughout the course.  Student Account Assessment: Photobucket

As you can see, not only can they answer the questions, but they can choose the “I haven’t learned this yet” option as well.

Does your child need practice with operations?  Quick Tables let them practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division – regardless of their level: Photobucket

For my 8 year old daughter, ALEKS was her very first experience with a formal math program.  We delay math until about Grade 4 age in our homeschool.  In just 5 short weeks she has mastered 1/4 of the Grade 3 course material.  She found counting American currency rather frustrating though, as it looks quite a bit different from Canadian money.

My son took a little time away from his regular Algebra I program to try ALEKS Algebra I.  He did well with it, and liked being able to choose which sections of “My pie” to work on.  He found ALEKS a bit “dull” in comparison to his current program, but he told me he did like the straightforward nature of ALEKS.

My pie:

One advantage to ALEKS subscriptions is they offer access to all courses, so your student may complete as many courses as they want with their subscription.  I can see this being a real money-saver for a gifted student who is going through multiple levels in a year.

Learn more by watching a quick 2-minute video. Or take advantage of this special offer for my blog readers who homeschool and are new to ALEKS: get a 2-day free trial here (3 hours of use total).

ALEKS can be used by both homeschoolers and schools.  Individual student subscriptions are $19.95 US per month OR $99.95 US for 6 months OR $179.95 US for 1 year.  They also have family discounts: two students for $169.90 US for 6 months OR $305.90US for 1 year, etc.

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