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Sewing a Ty Lee Costume: Part 2

Last week for Fibre Friday, (Sewing a Ty Lee Costume: Part 1) I promised to show you our finished Ty Lee costume! We finished it this week, before we made the drive to Halifax to enjoy Hal-Con today.

Ty Lee costume

Sewing a Ty Lee Costume: Part 2

To create the Ty Lee blouse pattern, we traced a blouse that fit my daughter well. We had to change the sleeves to make them the bell shaped ones so my daughter drew them out. This was the first time setting in sleeves for both of us and I’m not entirely happy with the seams at the armholes.

We also had to add a Mandarin collar. We used this Mandarin collar tutorial. It was easy! We had already finished the basic collar completely before adding a Mandarin collar though, making a strange seam. I think you have to look closely to notice.

We also cheated a bit because the iron broke. Instead of encasing the elastic for the hem, we ran the elastic on the inside, sewing it while holding it taut (like I did for sewing a cape). It worked quite well.

My daughter cut out and sewed the bracers herself. She also cut out the strips of fabric to wear in her hair.

Here is my daughter wearing the finished Ty Lee costume.

Ty Lee costume

My daughter’s ballet shoes are perfect as Ty Lee slippers. She is a blonde, so we did try dyeing her hair. However, the rinse we used only made her hair a darker blonde. She is currently seeking a brown wig at Hal-Con that she can use in future!

Are you sewing a cosplay, or Halloween costume for your child? Please let me know in the comments below!

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