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Sewing a Frozen Elsa Costume Part 3

Sewing a Frozen Elsa Costume Part 3

The last two Fridays, I shared the making of the dance version of a Frozen Elsa costume for my daughter: Fibre Friday – Sewing a Frozen Elsa Costume Part 1 and Elsa Costume Part 2. It’s dance competition season and my daughter wore it today for her lyrical dance solo!

I completed the arms from fabric recycled from my daughter’s nightgown. I was worried about working with such sheer fabric as I’m a beginner at sewing. An employee at Fabricville had a great tip for me – sew it with a layer of tissue paper. That worked like a charm and the tissue paper tore away easily afterward. Here is the arm pattern I came up with after measuring my daughter:

Elsa Frozen costume

We also wanted to add some sparkle to the skirt and sleeves. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed helping out with the painting and spray painting!

Here is my daughter modelling the finished outfit in the snow we STILL have on the ground! It was a very sunny day though!

Frozen Elsa costume

Her brother was kind enough to carry her back and forth for the photo shoot (unceremoniously):

Frozen Elsa costume

I went back to the drawing board for the capelet part of the coronation cloak and came up with this very simple template:

Frozen Elsa Costume

I did still double the fabric, sew the two pieces together and turn them out. I put in elastic at the top to create the collar. I LOVE working with this beautiful velveteen – it was a lot easier to work with than the stretchy and sheer fabrics I worked with for the rest of the costume.

Then I hemmed a rectangular piece of fabric and attached it to the underside of the capelet. I shopped around and found these earrings and attached one to the cloak. The jewel may not be blue like Elsa’s, but it sparkles nicely:

Frozen Elsa Costume

And here is the finished cloak! This is my daughter after she competed tonight, earning a High Silver medal:

Frozen Elsa costume

Frozen Elsa costume

For the snowflakes in Elsa’s hair, we bought big snowflake sequins and attached then to hair clips with crazy glue:

Frozen Elsa costume

So that’s it – the Frozen Elsa costume (dance version). My daughter loved it and is looking forward to wearing it at Hal-Con in the fall. I think next up in our sewing adventures will be some non-dance cosplays!

What have you been sewing, knitting, crocheting, or making in your home or homeschool this week? Feel free to share!

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