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Can You Homeschool on a Shoestring?

Potential homeschool parents are always asking if homeschooling is expensive and how to make it more affordable. So, can you homeschool on a shoestring? Absolutely!

Entire homeschool curricula can be found online, as can books, games, worksheets, you name it. I don’t know how homeschoolers did it before the advent of the personal computer! To peruse a whole bunch of homeschool freebies I’ve found, you can click on Free Homeschooling Resources to see a list of everything I’ve shared in the past. And here is a list of some of the resources I’ve found to help you homeschool on a shoestring.

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5 Free Advent Studies and Resources

Advent begins this Sunday! Until one day when homeschoolers were chatting online about Advent with me years ago, I hadn’t ever celebrated it. We tried a free Advent study that year as a family and have celebrated yearly ever since. I love how it gets us into the spirit of Christmas and its true meaning as we lead up to the big night! We light the candles then snuggle up on the couch and read scriptures and great Christmas themed literature such as A Christmas Carol together. Sometimes we sing Christmas carols as well. Here is a list of free advent studies and resources to help celebrate Advent in your home.

5 Free Advent Studies and Resources

advent studies

Free Printable Advent Reading Plan
If all you would like is a scripture reading plan, here is a great printable one.

Free Advent Study with Kids’ Resources
Includes two free advent studies. The Advent Study for Kids includes memory verses, lessons, activities, and a prayer of the day.  The one for families, Advent Study: Keeping Our Hearts Focused on Jesus, includes scripture reading, devotions, daily family activities, recipes, and journal pages. We’re going to give this one a try this year, it looks like fun!

Free Professor Carol’s Advent Calendar
Sign up free and it will pop up in your email daily. Includes a description of the candles and their setup, as well as scriptures to read, etc.

The Dawning of Indestructible Joy: Daily Readings for Advent
Download this free PDF ebook with daily readings.

25 Days of Free Christmas Devotions
Free daily Christmas devotions that you can use as part of your Advent celebrations. When you sign up you will also receive the ebook, The Hope of Christmas.

And something just for fun . . .

Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar
Even though this online calendar doesn’t have a focus on Jesus, and isn’t free, I had to include it. A friend of ours sends one to my daughter every year as a gift – it only costs a few dollars – and she LOVES it! Jacquie Lawson animations are so adorable, and there are activities such as creating snowflakes that she enjoys.

Do you celebrate Advent? How do you celebrate or what resources do you use for advent studies? Please let me know in the comments below!

Love, Luck &



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Canadian Online Homeschool Conference AND Giveaway!

canadian online homeschool conference

The Canadian Online Homeschool Conference

**This event and giveaway are over. Did you miss it? No worries, you can get an All Access Pass with lifetime access to all the recordings HERE.**

The Canadian Online Homeschool Conference starts Friday! It is a five-day virtual event featuring knowledgeable speakers, a vendor hall, opportunities to interact with other attendees, fun, and giveaways! All without leaving the comfort of your own home (or paying for gas or other travel expenses). It is free to attend live (with the option to buy a complete access pass after it ends). I am excited to be a part of it!

Speakers and Sessions

This conference features a variety of speakers, from homeschooling moms to owners of businesses you’ll want to hear from. Speakers include Lisa Marie Fletcher (the host of the conference), Donna Ward, Louise House, Bev Rempel and me! Sessions include topics such as getting started, homeschool methods, all ages and stages including high school, subjects such as math and reading, and more.

Homeschool Community

Chats. Parties. Prizes. Used Book Buy & Sell. Connect with other homeschoolers and help create an environment of community and fun during this conference.

Vendor Hall

Visit with some of your favourite homeschooling vendors and learn about some fantastic new ones in the vendor hall!

Don’t miss this amazing event. Register now, free!


And now for the giveaway! One of my lucky readers will win an all access pass, which means lifetime access to ALL the recordings from this event! A $97 value!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends at midnight Atlantic Time on Friday, February 10th. Winner will be notified via email and must respond within 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen.

Love, Luck &

Kimberlycanadian online homeschool conference

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Free 2017 Parks Canada Pass!

canadian online homeschool conference

Free 2017 parks Canada pass
Free 2017 Parks Canada Pass!

Did you grab your free 2017 Parks Canada Pass yet? To celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary, the government is giving away free passes. Hooray!

And that doesn’t mean only access to parks! National historic sites and national marine conservation areas operated by Parks Canada are all included!

Here in Nova Scotia, you can visit all the following free:

  • Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site of Canada, Baddeck
  • Beaubassin National Historic Site of Canada, Fort Lawrence
  • Bloody Creek National Historic Site of Canada, Bridgetown
  • Canso Islands National Historic Site of Canada, Canso
  • Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Canada, Cape Breton
  • Charles Fort National Historic Site of Canada, Annapolis Royal
  • D’Anville’s Encampment National Historic Site of Canada, Halifax
  • Fort Anne National Historic Site of Canada, Annapolis Royal
  • Fort Edward National Historic Site of Canada, Windsor
  • Fort Lawrence National Historic Site of Canada, Fort Lawrence
  • Fort McNab National Historic Site of Canada, Halifax
  • Fort Sainte Marie de Grace National Historic Site of Canada, LaHave
  • Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada, Louisbourg
  • Georges Island National Historic Site of Canada, Halifax
  • Grand-Pré National Historic Site of Canada, Grand Pré
  • Grassy Island Fort National Historic Site of Canada, Canso
  • Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada, Halifax
  • Kejimkujik National Historic Site of Canada, Kejimkujik
  • Kejimkujik National Park of Canada, Kejimkujik
  • Marconi National Historic Site of Canada, Table Head
  • Melanson Settlement National Historic Site of Canada, Lower Granville
  • Port-Royal National Historic Site of Canada, Port Royal
  • Prince of Wales Tower National Historic Site of Canada, Halifax
  • Royal Battery National Historic Site of Canada, Louisbourg
  • Sable Island National Park Reserve of Canada, Sable Island
  • St. Peters National Historic Site of Canada, St. Peter’s
  • St. Peters Canal National Historic Site of Canada, St. Peter’s
  • The Bank Fishery – The Age of Sail Exhibit, Lunenburg
  • Wolfe’s Landing National Historic Site of Canada, Kennington Cove
  • York Redoubt National Historic Site of Canada, Halifax

Grab your free 2017 Parks Canada pass now and enjoy unlimited field trips this year!

I see many field trips to the Fortress of Louisbourg in our future this year. How about you? Which sites will you visit? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Luck &



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Free Online Homeschool Conference!

free online homeschool conference

Free Online Homeschool Conference!

I love homeschool conferences! They are a great way to learn about different curricula and meet new homeschooling families, and the sessions can be invaluable. I always leave refreshed and energized to tackle a new year of homeschooling.

I try to make it to as many as I can but since the Nova Scotia conference is usually the same weekend as my daughter’s dance recitals (as it was again this year), I usually don’t get to go. Of course, there’s also the fact that it’s almost a five hour drive to get there! Some years I haven’t been able to go due to finances or a lack thereof.

Now there’s an online conference I can attend, yay! The Digital Homeschool Convention offers more than 30 different sessions over four days next month. Topics vary from special needs homeschooling, to creating homeschool portfolios, to finding margin as a homeschool mom! You will enjoy these encouraging uplifting words from amazing homeschool moms.

I am especially looking forward to Creating Margin as a Homeschool Mom (something I often struggle with) by Heather Bowen and How to Make Art Appreciation a Natural Part of Your Homeschool Life (because I would love to) by Erica Johns.

The best part of this conference is that you don’t need to leave your house. You don’t have to spend money on food, gas, or hotels, and registration is free as are the sessions! Mark it on your calendar now – it all happens July 22-25. You can register here, free!

Have you been to a homeschool conference? What do you think is the best part about attending a homeschool conference? Please let me know in the comments below!

Love, Luck &



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Easy Science Experiments for Homeschoolers

I am delighted to bring you a guest post from Atif, who was homeschooled as a child. Enjoy! ~Kimberly

science experiments

Easy Science Experiments for Homeschoolers

Science projects for homeschooling don’t need to be complicated. There are loads of straightforward, simple scientific experiments that are fun, cheap, and yet delight the senses. You will be astonished at how performing these easy science experiments will cover various science principles.

Below, you will find some science experiments that will leave your homeschooled children delighted and have them clamoring for more.

Balloon Magnet

science experiments
The Experiment: Prepare a mixture of equal parts of salt and pepper and keep it on a level surface. Have your child blow up a balloon, and then rub it into their hair. Then, move the balloon near the salt-pepper mixture. The pepper will separate and adhere to the balloon. Interested to know why?

The Science: When you are rubbing hair and balloon together, you produce electricity via friction, which pulls in the pepper particles. Pepper particles are lighter compared to the heavy salt particles. Therefore, they lift up and adhere to the balloon.

Colourful Milk

science experiments

The Experiment: Pour some full cream milk in a saucer and add a few drops of food colouring in various spots of the milk. Put a drop of cleaning fluid into the center of the saucer and see the results.

The Science: Milk is comprised of various particles, including protein. The food colouring finds it difficult to move around among those particles. When you introduce the cleaning fluid, it brings down the surface tension of the milk and causes the milk to react with the proteins. The blend of the two gets the atoms under way and pushes the colours around.

Felt-tip Masterpiece

science experiments
The Experiment: For this experiment, draw a picture with a black felt-tip pen on a blotting paper. Plunge the tip of the blotting paper into a dish of water and permit the water to creep within the paper towards your drawing. What will happen next?

The Science: The black in the felt-tip pen is made up of various colors. As the water creeps through the blotting paper, the colours move at various paces, branching out into different shades. This is called chromatography.

The Drinking Flower

science experiments
The Experiment: Introduce a few drops of food colouring into a bowl of water and put a white flower in it. Watch as the flower “drinks” the colouring into its petals. A change in the colouring will be visible in around 30 minutes.

The Science: What the flower does is absorbs the food colouring and transforms it into food for its petals. Coloured water is sucked in by the stem and transmitted to its leaves and petals. Once it’s done, the white petals display the visible colors, which give a sensation of colour change.

Hole in My Hand

science experiments
The Experiment: For this experiment, have your child roll up a piece of paper, then open their left palm and place it in front of their eye. If they look through the tube with their right eye, they will find something strange. There seems to be a hole in their palm! Where did it come from?

The Science: The opening in your hand is a figment of your imagination. It is created because your mind combines the pictures each eye sees individually, to make up what you are seeing.

About the Author

Atif Qazi is a former homeschooler. You can follow him on Twitter: @Schooling_SOS

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Free Minecraft Themed Math Worksheets Your Kids Will Love

Do your kids love Minecraft as much as mine do? Do your kids need some encouragement to practice math? How would you like a Minecraft themed math addition refresher for your kids before starting your homeschool year?

Free Minecraft Themed Math Worksheets Your Kids Will Love

If you answered yes, feel free to download Multi Taskin’ Mom’s FREE Minecraft Themed Addition Worksheets now. These fun math worksheets include single digit to double digit addition, making them useful for kids age 5-12.

Personally, I’m delighted that my children love Minecraft. It’s such a creative gaming endeavour. Sometimes I even assign things for them to make in the game that correspond with what we are learning in our homeschool.

Are you looking for more ways to take advantage of your child’s interest in Minecraft? Here are some great ideas shared on the Educents blog. They cover math, reading, writing, and more:

  • Writing about the Minecraft World
  • 10 Exciting Lessons for your Kindergartener Using Minecraft
  • Math Lessons Using Minecraft – Show Your Work
  • How Minecraft Taught my Daughter to Read

There are even more ways to let your child enjoy their passion in your homeschool! Check out all the discounted Minecraft-themed educational products offered at Educents. Consider putting together a whole unit. Surprise your child with learning they will delight in this fall!

How do you incorporate your child’s love of Minecraft into your homeschool lessons? Please share!

Love, Luck &


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Homeschool Freebies and Deals

Homeschool Freebies and Deals


Shopping for summer activities or resources for the upcoming homeschool year? Check out all these great homeschool freebies and deals from Educents!

Homeschool freebies and deals
Minecraft-themed Math & Writing Units for less than $5!

Homeschool freebies and deals
Teach your kids how to code using a game they already love – Minecraft! My 11 year old daughter loves having her own server and learning to code with this program!

Homeschool freebies and deals
FarFaria unlimited children’s eBooks for half price! For children ages 2-9.

Homeschool freebies and deals
Ms. Frizzle will make summer science experiments FUN! Get a 12-month subscription to Magic School Bus Science Kits for HALF OFF!

Homeschool freebies and deals
79% off Digital Photography Lessons for Kids! For ages 8-12.

Homeschool freebies and deals
FREE Marc Chagall Art Activities for Kids – Download and begin learning about and creating art in minutes.

And here are a bunch of project-based learning ebooks and unit studies, many for just a few dollars each, and some are freebies. Includes everything from Let’s Grow a Plant to World War II!

Love, Luck &


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10 Earth Day Freebies for Your Homeschool

Earth Day is today, April 22nd, how are you celebrating this year? My kids have been spending some time in the glorious world outdoors, finally! While most of our lawn is still covered in snow, at least it’s relatively warm outside! Here are some great freebies for teaching kids about Earth Day, recycling, and more!

Earth Day freebies

10 Earth Day Freebies for Your Homeschool

  1. Earth Day Sort – Help kids learn the difference between reducing, reusing, and recycling!
  2. Happy Earth Day Writing Activity – Kids of all ages can reflect on ways their family, school, and themselves can help keep the Earth healthy. Also encourages handwriting practice!
  3. Earth Day Coloring Pages – Creative kiddos can color the Earth with their colors of choice, or follow the color-by-code page to add critical thinking to art hour.
  4. Earth Day Poof! Subtraction to 5 – This Earth Day themed game builds fluency with subtraction facts to 5. It can be played in a small group or as a partner game. It is a fun way to practice those facts!
  5. Earth Day Word Search Freebie – Enjoy this Earth Day themed word search puzzle with 21 eco-friendly terms like atmosphere, compost, and recycle.
  6. Earth Day Bookmarks – The perfect Earth Day treat for your students. Available in full-color and black-and-white.
  7. Earth Day Survey and Graph – A fun and different way to practice graphing in your classroom while encouraging collaboration between students.
  8. Spring Coloring Book – Let your little ones COLOR & SPELL Spring words.
  9. Love the Earth Mystery Picture Graph – Students will love discovering the mystery picture by coloring in the correct squares on the alphanumeric grid using the coordinates given. This is a great addition to an Earth Day or recycling unit!
  10. April 2015 Journal – A month of free journaling for learners age 8 to 100! Read about important historic, artistic, and current events that happened during the month of April – including J. Robert Oppenheimer’s birthday and Earth Day on April 22nd. Then develop vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

Want to turn your Earth Day celebration into an educational experience? Discover new ways to learn about the amazing planet we live on (without breaking the bank!) –> Earth Day learning resources.

Love, Luck &


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Homemaking Help is Here! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

**This bundle has ended. Stay tuned for more great offers coming in future!**

Does it feel like the inmates are running the asylum?

I hear you. Sometimes I look around my house and wonder how things got so out of hand … piles of dishes, piles of toys, piles of paper …

When I was a little girl, I dreamed about getting married, becoming a mommy, and having my own home.

I imagined a home that was more than just 4 walls, a roof, and a mortgage.

I wanted to make a special place that was a magical mash-up of:

  • a school
  • a playground
  • a refuge
  • a boo-boo “fix it” station
  • a “you can do it” pep rally
  • a safe place for personal expression, sharing and growth

And then real life happened …

… laundry, stretch marks, and never-ending meal prep … money worries, gritty floors, soap scum, and the stain that won’t come out of my daughter’s favourite shirt … coping with all the endless rehearsals and competitions we have to attend (and my daughter’s tears over math) … a husband who works long hours at two jobs, a kid with the sniffles, stomach aches and a fever … and trying to keep up as I work from home.

And that’s why Erin and Stephanie created the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle … because as rewarding as it is, homemaking is hard work and it doesn’t always come easily.

Homemaking Help is Here!

I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

To help you nurture the beauty and productivity in your home and family relationships with proven, simple, and effective tools that give you a big boost as a homemaker – help, inspiration, tips, encouragement, resources at your fingertips …

… the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is just for you.

It is a complete library of carefully selected eBooks, eCourses, audios, online conferences, and printable packs designed to help you turn your house into a home … without all the overwhelm.

What’s in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

The first step in putting together this collection was to find the critical homemaking skills that you need to transform your house into a home.

Here they are:

  • Cleaning … create a healthy, toxin-free home
  • DIY/Homemade … fun and frugal ways to express your personal style
  • Devotionals and Faith … take a break from the daily grind to renew yourself
  • Finances … build a budget that works
  • Cooking & Meal Planning … serve easier, tastier meals in less time
  • Holidays & Special Events… brighten up old family traditions and create new
  • Homeschooling … homeschool with grace and ease
  • Marriage … heat up your marriage
  • Motherhood … find peace, balance & joy in mothering
  • Organizing … conquer the clutter and simplify your life
  • Pregnancy & Babies … enjoy a healthy pregnancy and prepare to nurture your baby
  • Health & Wellness … soothe aches & pains with natural remedies
  • Working from Home … hone your talents, live your passions and earn money to help your family

… a complete library of 99 eBooks and eCourses to help you nurture the beauty and productivity in your home and family relationships.

Are there too many books in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever taken your family out for a buffet dinner and been disappointed when you couldn’t eat every single morsel on display?

Of course not!

Sure. There’s that first, breath-taking moment when you see and hear and smell the amazing meal spread before you and you think, “Where will I even start?”

But you do start … with something.

Maybe it’s a tender flaky biscuit, or a piece of delicious roast beef, or maybe you’re like me and this is a Chinese buffet and you start with sweet and sour chicken balls?

So relax, enjoy, and start anywhere you like. Come back to the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle “buffet” as many times as you like. It’s all here for you.

Is the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle worth it?

In a word … yes! I am loving mine!

To be absolutely certain, Erin and Stephanie asked questions, tried techniques and just about drove themselves crazy making sure that the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle was the very best homemaking resource anywhere.

They dug through hundreds of websites and connected with dozens of authors and teachers.

And then we all worked together to make these resources the most affordable possible.

And They Were Delighted to Help …

The result? This collection is a fraction of the price of what someone would pay for each resource individually!

For a short time, the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle … a complete library of:

  • 76 eBooks
  • 6 eCourses
  • 1 audio download
  • 2 online conferences, and
  • 14 printable packs

99 carefully selected resources designed to help you nurture the beauty and productivity in your home and family relationships… is only $29.97. (A total value of $984.74.)

That breaks down to 30 cents per book.

Your 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason, you decide the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is not for you, then please send an email to [email protected] and we will refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked.

Don’t Forget the Bonuses!

Of course, no Ultimate Homemaking Bundle would be complete without the generous, inspiring gifts donated by companies that understand homemakers like you. Every gift is yours to keep and enjoy. This is the best part!

  • Choose 1 FREE Online Class from Craftsy (Select from 24 of Their Most Popular Classes – Up to $60 Value – MY favourite bonus!)
  • 1 FREE Kids Discovery Box from Green Kid Crafts ($19.95 Value)
  • FREE $15 Credit to Hope Ink PLUS 2 FREE 8×10 Art Prints ($71 Value)
  • FREE 90-Day “Good Deal” Subscription to She Plans Dinner ($15 Value)
  • Choose 1 FREE Stylish Spring Scarf from Deborah & Co. ($20 Value)
  • FREE $80 Healthy Moving Class Credit ($80 Value) I’m already enjoying this one with my daughter!
  • FREE 90-Day Pro Membership to ListPlanIt ($30 Value) LOVING this one, too!
  • FREE 65 Tyndale Rewards Points to Be Used for a FREE Book or Towards Any Book of Your Choice ($15 Value)

Now It’s Your Turn

I think Laura Ingalls Wilder said it best …

“Just as a little thread of gold, running through a fabric, brightens the whole garment, so women’s work at home, while only the doing of little things, is just like the golden gleam of sunlight that runs through and brightens the whole fabric of civilization.”

The proven, simple, and effective skills you need to transform your house into a home are all waiting for you in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

This is your chance to get all the love, support, guidance and inspiration you need to nurture the beauty and productivity in your home and family relationships with proven, simple, and effective tools that really give you a boost as a homemaker.

But time is running out! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle will only be available from 8:00 a.m. EST on Monday, April 20 until 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, April 27.

After that, the shopping cart closes and the deeply discounted price is gone.

Act now! Don’t miss out on all this fantastic homemaking help!

Click here for more info or to buy now.

Best wishes and happy homemaking!

Love, Luck &


This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and buy I make a few pennies to keep up Homeschooling in Nova Scotia. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.